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Janet Watson – Leadership & Communication Strategist, Experiential Facilitator and Faculty Advisor – 123

Janet Watson – Leadership & Communication Strategist, Experiential Facilitator and Faculty Advisor – 123

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to bring you the delightful Janet Watson – Leadership & Communication Strategist, Experiential Facilitator, and Faculty Advisor.

We continue the theme on mindset this week: exploring mindset practices and mindset preparation for those most important conversations in our life. Janet’s early work in mindset, started as she initially coached ice skaters. Today she shares her work in colleges and corporations around the world.

Janet and I talk about:

  • What Janet learned about mindset as a professional figure skater
  • Janet’s pivotal moment realizing how teaching is her passion and then bringing it to the corporate world
  • How to create a mindset for success using three reflective questions
  • How the stage is for the audience and not the speaker
  • Leading with an open heart and learning with an open mind
  • Seeing the connection between mindset and communication
  • How to mentally prepare yourself for high-stake communications

Curiosity, collaboration, and creativity are the cornerstones of coaching for Janet Watson.  She has been consulting and coaching with executives at the world’s most recognized brands for the past 20 years including AT&T, Bank of America, Apple, Kaiser Permanente, Mozilla, The Federal Reserve, UC Berkeley, and Stanford Health.

She is most excited about coaching and elevating women in the US and Canada to secure their positions in the boardroom so as to make a difference at the top!

Passionate about education, Janet is also currently the Senior Faculty Advisor at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business where she coaches on what she has developed as facili-teaching.

Let’s meet Leadership & Communication Strategist – Janet Watson.

“Leading with an open heart can only happen when you are fully present to what you do…” – Janet Watson

I’m so honored to introduce you to, Janet Watson.

Connect with Janet Watson on LinkedIn, and visit her website here.

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