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Cynthia Forstmann – Founder and Partner of CultureTalk and Archetypal Explorer – 121

Cynthia Forstmann – Founder and Partner of CultureTalk and Archetypal Explorer – 121

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to bring you the delightful Cynthia Forstmann – Founder and Partner of CultureTalk and Archetypal Explorer.

Cynthia is going to be one of our speakers at Extraordinary Women Ignite on November 7-9 in Golden, CO – and she’s going to be sharing her powerful work around Archetypes.

Over the course of our lives and careers, we each experience moments of absolute clarity; the inner knowing that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Swiss psychotherapist, Carl Jung, would say these moments of insight point to our underlying Archetypes…  universal storylines that inform our passions, personalities, and pursuits.

At Ignite, Cynthia will be helping our attendees look at pivotal life experiences through the lens of Archetypes and learn how to use these timeless human themes to build their brands and businesses with a new level of awareness and intent.

Cynthia will share how knowing your Archetypes, can help you:

  •     Find the perfect words to articulate your deepest purpose
  •     Grow from a place of strength and engage others authentically
  •     Shine a light on shadow behaviors that may be blocking your next steps

In this episode, Cynthia shares:

  • Her business-building stories
  • How archetype is defined
  • CultureTalk’s history and the science behind it
  • How to be YOU-nique, especially in business branding
  • The shift in Cynthia’s journey as a professional and business leader
  • Cynthia’s thoughts on the importance of archetypes in the modern world

Cynthia has built two very successful businesses, centered on uncovering our unique stories and sharing them. With a passion for storytelling, she’s helped cultivate the Archetype medium for women to share their stories with one another!

As an Archetype explorer, she works with individuals to uncover and connect the hidden symbols, patterns and passions that give their lives and work meaning. As a founding partner at CultureTalk, she helps organizations design cultures, brands and communications programs that are driven from a place of authenticity and deep awareness.

Cynthia facilitates strategic focus groups with executives, boards, and leaders who share a stake in the culture and communications.

She has led award-winning rebranding projects and designed strategic communication and team- building programs to recruit, retain and engage top talent. Known for her warmth and humor, Cynthia speaks to diverse audiences about the power of story in creating culture, inspiring purpose, and enhancing fulfillment.

“Don’t be another version of somebody else. Be you.” – Cynthia Forstmann

I’m so honored to introduce you to, Cynthia Forstmann of Culture Talk.

Follow Cynthia Forstmann on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Visit her website here.

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