Dr. Diana Whitney: Leading Figure in the Fields of Appreciative Inquiry and Large Scale Change and Author of Thriving Women, Thriving World – 111

Dr. Diana Whitney: Leading Figure in the Fields of Appreciative Inquiry and Large Scale Change and Author of Thriving Women, Thriving World – 111

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m honored to bring you Dr. Diana Whitney, a leading figure in the fields of Appreciative Inquiry and large scale change management.

Diana recently launched her newest book Thriving Women, Thriving World: An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing and Inspired Actions, of which I was honored to contribute a short essay called, Circle of Women.

I met Diana 10 years ago, when I working on my Certificate of Practice in Appreciative Inquiry – a positive psychology change management process – that I incorporate into all of my coaching programs, workshops, conferences and retreats. I love this model of working with the strengths of who we are – and building upon what is possible.

Diana has been at the forefront of positive change theory and practice in the USA and world wide for three decades,  and it was such an honor to have her as a teacher/mentor, alongside Amanda Trosten Bloom – another one of my mentors in the Appreciative Inquiry field.

Diana founded the international consultancy, Corporation for Positive Change and co-founded the social constructionist think tank, the Taos Institute. Her work, designing and facilitating strategic culture transformation, merger integration and leadership development with Fortune 100 companies, has gained her a worldwide following.

Her clients include Novartis, Merck SA, British Airways, Sisters of Good Shephard, University of Virgina Health Systems and GTE (Verizon). She was a founding advisor to the global interfaith organization, the United Religions Initiative.

Diana is a prolific and award winning author with twenty books and dozens of chapters and articles to her name, including The Power of Appreciative Inquiry; Appreciative Leadership; Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change; and Positive Approaches to Peacebuilding.

With the launch of her newest book – Thriving Women, Thriving World.Today, Diana is  speaking around the world addressing gender inequality, sexism and intersectionality through an appreciative lens. This is a beautiful book is a delightful treasure chest of stories and artistry that helps raise up the conversations in our world around women empowerment. This book is an important resource to bring more self-love, connection and wisdom to women’s lives, creating a ripple effect on our world for positive good. Treat yourself to a copy on Amazon!

Follow Dr. Diana Whitney on Facebook or Twitter or visit her websites Positivechange.org and TaosInstitute.net. Her book Thriving Women Thriving World: An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing, and Inspired Actions and her other books are available on Amazon!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Diana Whitney.

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THANK YOU Diana for continuing to be the appreciative, inspiring, wonder-full, empowering woman that you are. You are a gift that keeps on giving to our relationships and world. And thank you for reminding us that “words create worlds”. Your words are like a prayer in natural worldly clothing. May we all positively envision the kind of life and world we love, and then pour our pass-i-on into it.

May our loving words become flesh and dwell among us.

Ron Bell

Yes! Diana is an inspirational inspiring woman leading change in our world, Ron! Thanks for your comment and for tuning in to listen!

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