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Mory Fontanez: Values Are the New Bottomline – 101

Mory Fontanez: Values Are the New Bottomline – 101

Today I’m excited and honored to bring you today’s Extraordinary Women Radio guest, Mory Fontanez, the founder & CEO at 822 Group.

A 15 year agency alumn, Mory launched 822 Group to help companies reestablish their values and create focus in a world filled with activities that lack connection. Core to her methodology is the idea that a company’s values should be the driver of every action, not just a sign on the wall.

We talk about how Mory made the jump from a very successful agency career and why values are so important in our world today. Mory and I share the belief that this is the era of connectedness, and this conversation is rich.

Mory is an experienced strategist and counselor that has worked with global brands to create meaningful change within business operations, culture and consumer relationships. As a student of marketing, data and psychology, Mory believes in creating true behavioral change that can be tied to measurable business results.

Holding deep expertise in reputation, change management, and integrated brand positioning, Mory understands the connection between branding, marketing, culture and operations. She has provided strategic counsel to clients functioning within highly regulated environments throughout the financial, technology and consumer sectors – supporting efforts in B2B, B2C, and internal communications for Fortune 500 companies.

“76% of millennials said they would pay more for a brand that’s aligned in their values.” – Mory Fontanez

To learn more about Mory Fontanez, you can follow her on her website: or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and at the 822 Group on LinkedIn.

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