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Carla Geyser – Adventurer, Humanitarian, Eco-warrior, and Founder of NPO, Blue Sky Society Trust – 092

Carla Geyser – Adventurer, Humanitarian, Eco-warrior, and Founder of NPO, Blue Sky Society Trust – 092

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio guest is Carla Geyser, an adventurer, a humanitarian, an eco-warrior, and the founder of NPO, Blue Sky Society Trust – an organization that leads all female expeditions into Africa to raise money and awareness for conservation groups.

Carla believes that one person can make a difference to protect, preserve and improve life for people, wildlife and communities in need – and she wants to be that person.

She is involved in many social upliftment and conservation awareness projects across Africa.

In 2016, Carla led South Africa’s first all-women expedition to Kenya, and more recently a second all female expedition called the Rise of the Matriarch in 2018.

She’s creating experiences that have women falling in love with Africa, connecting them to nature and community. She’s helping them slow down to the pace of Africa and at the same time bringing more awareness to important conservation issues associated with the wildlife of Africa.

Carla’s passion is inspiring. Her tenacity is powerful. She shares how the poaching crisis in Africa guided Carla to start leading these expeditions. The stats she shares in this interview are astounding. Two park rangers are killed by the poachers in Africa every week and they are slaughtering elephants for their ivory at the rate of one every 15 minutes. She shares the story of some of the brave women on the frontline, and the power and dynamics behind women traveling together with a cause in mind. These expeditions have changed Carla and many other women’s lives.

“I just decided that I couldn’t sit back and do nothing about it.” – Carla Geyser

Carla has a passion for making a difference in not only wildlife conservation, but also drives humanitarian efforts for the people she meets. She’s is brave and courageous and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

To learn more about Carla Geyser and the Adventurer, Humanitarian, Eco-warrior, and Founder of NPO, Blue Sky Society Trust, visit their website or you can follow her on any of her social channels, including Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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