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Michelle Hoglan: Founder of the Boob Report – 090

Michelle Hoglan: Founder of the Boob Report – 090

This week’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Michelle Hoglan, founder of the Boob Report.

Michelle Hoglan is a Breast Cancer survivor. Her journey with cancer – from the initial diagnosis to treatment and beyond – prompted her to start a new organization called the Boob Report.

She shares this story with us today. And she shares how a breast cancer journey can be overwhelming… the fear… the pain… the unknown. Michelle wanted to try and make the journey a little more manageable with a resource that women could turn to when they are going through breast cancer.

The Boob Report guides breast cancer warriors to local doctors, support groups, and general information that she found useful during her journey. But it’s much more than a resource of information… it’s a community. And you know.. I believe in the power of community.

“My advice is to feel it, own it, cry, scream, yell, do what you need to do.” ~ Michelle Hoglan

To learn more about Michelle Hoglan and The Boob Report, join the private Facebook group or follow Michelle on Facebook or Twitter.

Let’s meet Michelle Hoglan – founder of The Boob Report.


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Michelle Hoglan is amazing! Great podcast!

Yes she is! I’m so inspired by her work! Thanks for listening!

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