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Jessica Sidener – Founder of Night Out with ‘the Girls’ educating women on early breast cancer detection – 087

Jessica Sidener – Founder of Night Out with ‘the Girls’ educating women on early breast cancer detection – 087

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Jessica Sidener, the founder of Night Out with “The Girls,” an organization that educates women about early breast cancer detection, by encouraging them to take their health into their “own hands.”

Night Out with “The Girls” meets women right where they tend to be most comfortable–with their girlfriends, having fun, in a relaxed environment…where awkward questions about early breast cancer detection and how to do self-breast exams are embraced, encouraged and celebrated. By including a breast cancer survivor and a healthcare provider in the fun, these tough, but “need-to-know topics” are tackled in a manner that exudes: comfort, connection conversation.

Jessica shares her story about how Life “giving her lemons” unexpectedly transformed her – from a young widow to breast cancer survivor to visionary entrepreneur – and intensified her desire to help others navigate loss. This interview is inspirational and provides all of us as women some important tips on our own self-care.

“Never discount the gut and the heart when it comes to our health. Pay attention to your intuition. Then take action.” ~Jessica Sidener

To learn more about Night Out with the Girls, follow them on Facebook or visit the web site.

Let’s meet Jessica Sidener from Night Out with the Girls!

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