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Alyssa Mathews: One Woman’s Quest to Discover the Horse – 079

Alyssa Mathews: One Woman’s Quest to Discover the Horse – 079

Those of you who know me well, know I believe in following your passion. And today’s Extraordinary Women Radio guest, Alyssa Mathews happens to share one of my favorite passions – horses. But this isn’t just for those of us who love horses – it’s for everyone of you who has a big crazy dream you’d love to follow. Because Alyssa’s story is all about that.

Alyssa Mathews is a lifelong equestrian and adventure addict, and in 2017, she set out on an adventure to ride every breed of horse in the world, in her quest: Discover the Horse. And so far, she’s ridden over 50 different breeds in seven different countries, and she’s being recognized across the globe for her passion and her pursuit.

She has been planning this quest for over a decade and if you love beauty and passion, like I do, you’ll want to check out her Discover the Horse website or her Facebook page which is full of video and story, as she’s meeting the extraordinary horses and their owners along the way.

As moves through this journey, Alyssa is working with a non profit rare breeds organization to promote and bring awareness to several of the endangered breeds. When the project is finished, it will be the largest equine education project of its kind.

Alyssa’s hope is that this project will show the world what our amazing horses do for us. Many of you know that I lead equine vision journeys – retreats to help women discover their passions, their purpose and raise up how they’re showing up in the world. The horses provide such a magical way for people to expand their dreams – as our mirror, as our guide and providing space for our own inner work.

And over the years, I have seen the horses transform my clients lives… to bring the biggest ah ha moments that would forever shape their what’s next in their life and business… to uncover the thing that’s been keeping them stuck… to break through an underlying fear that has had them playing small… My coaching work has always been powerful… but the retreats… are breakthrough experiences. There is so much magic and wisdom horses can bring to us. To learn more visit Equine Vision Journey Retreats or meet my own herd here.

It is Alyssa’s hope that others will be inspired by her story, and follow their wildest dreams – whatever yours might be!

“If you have a dream, a goal or a wish – just follow it.” ~Alyssa Mathews

And that’s my hope for you today. Stop and consider what your wildest dreams are. What are your biggest passions? What is possible for you – for no ideas are too grandiose.

Let’s meet Alyssa Mathews.

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Thank you for doing this, Kami. And thank you for being a strong colleague in the world of coaching with horses. Alyssa is one of my favorite people in the world. About five years ago I bought my heart horse, Blue Angel, from her. There’s a lot more to the story that is sweet and beautiful, but the minute I saw the video of her and Blue Angel, I was touched by the relationship between woman and horse. Alyssa is truly a being of light.

Thanks Lynn! Yes Alyssa is so inspiring! Love the shared connection we found with her! Keep doing your beautiful work with horses, Lynn! Our world needs all of us! Much love to you!!

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