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Ronda Renée: Modern Day Mystic with “X-Ray Vision for your Soul” – 074

Ronda Renée: Modern Day Mystic with “X-Ray Vision for your Soul” – 074

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Ronda Renée – a modern day mystic with “x-­ray vision for your soul.” She’s an international speaker, facilitator, and three time best-­selling author.

Ronda is a Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor and has the unique ability for making the intense inner exploration she discovered her life’s work of teaching people how to live and work from their soul. She shares her story and she shares our wisdom with us today.

She shares in the interview, “Your responsibility in life is to uncover your truth and live it. The only way you’ll make the contribution you’re here to make, is to be you. Live, Love and Work who you are – be you everywhere you go.”

As the creator of Your Divine Navigation System®, Ronda teaches you how to align with your unique energetic soul signature, your Divine Coordinates®, enabling you to fully embrace your Divine Design and live a life of deep meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

Knowing that true success and fulfillment can only be found by living and working in alignment with your soul, through her Business in Your Soul® program, Ronda helps entrepreneurs and service professionals how to identify, design and run businesses from their soul so they can make the difference and the money they were meant to.

I love what Ronda is doing in the world and you will too!

To learn more about Ronda and her work, visit her website or follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

If you’re interested in Kami’s Extraordinary Women Ignite mentioned in this episode, visit the site here.

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