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Meghann Conter: Marketing and Branding Expert and Founder of the Dames – 068

Meghann Conter: Marketing and Branding Expert and Founder of the Dames – 068

I’m so excited to share today’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview with you with my good friend, Meghann Conter. Meghann and I are collaboration partners – we do strategic thinking together, make referrals to one another, cheer each other on and lean into each other when things aren’t working the way we’d like them to.

And Meghann – I’m thrilled to say is on fire right now in her business and her life. She’s in the flow. She made some pretty big shifts in her life in the past year though – she had to let go of the things that weren’t serving her – the things, as she says, “that had to be left behind” in order to get to her BHAG – her big hairy audacious goal.

Meghann is vulnerable in sharing her story today.

Nine months ago, she felt called to leave alcohol behind – for her life, her relationships and for where she wanted to take her company.

And when she made the decision – life shifted, her business shifted and she shifted. Her raw story of struggle opened the door to huge transformative expansion. I love sharing her courageous story with you.

What I particularly love about Meghann’s story is how she totally trusted her inner guidance – the universal clues that were guiding her. It was in this trust that the flow came for Meghann.

Meghann is a marketing and branding expert who specializes in helping companies led by female industry leaders leap over revenue targets. Meghann is also the founder of The Dames, a national community that celebrates high-level leaders in nonprofits and corporations. Meghann is a champion of connection, and believes that anything can be accomplished through fearless collaboration and laughter.

To learn more about Meghann and her work, visit her Meghann Conter website or follow her on Facebook or Twitter. You can also check out the Dames website or Facebook group.

Let’s meet Meghann Conter!

“What do you need to leave behind to get to where you’re going?” ~Meghann Conter

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