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Phoenix Jackson: Listening to the Spirit of Business – 061

Phoenix Jackson: Listening to the Spirit of Business – 061

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio is with Phoenix Jackson, an award-winning business leader, corporate communication strategist, a member of the Denver University adjunct faculty and expert in social entrepreneurship. Her new book, Spirit of Business launches this week – and I am certain you want to grab yours!

Paulo Coelho, in his great book, The Alchemist, declared: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” A woman’s intuition is one of her most powerful assets and when she listens to the spirit of the moment, she can get really guided into fulfilling her dreams.

In this episode of Extraordinary Women Radio, discover how you can listen in to what the universe is telling you and clearly see the signs it sends your way. When you do, you will realize how each signpost will actually lead you to the fulfillment of your goals – in life and in business. Listen to what your gut tells you and pick up the crumbs as they come as you tread the road to your success. Go with the flow of the universe and it will manifest your intentions and make them into reality.

Phoenix Jackson is a woman of spiritual strength. She is owner and Chief Operations Officer of Phoenix Affect, Inc which she has successfully ran for over 13 years now. Phoenix Affect, Inc is a marketing, communications, and project management company that has worked with celebrities, athletes, and various organizations in building their brand and public face. When she was 26, Phoenix was the youngest adjunct Faculty for Colorado Women’s College at the University of Denver. Currently, she also works with KUSA-TV, 9NEWS – Colorado’s top news outlet as Client Relations Strategist. Phoenix specializes in strategy creation, executive management, communications, public speaking, consulting, and project management to name a few.

Phoenix has been recognized for her intellect and results-driven leadership approach, which
has led to many accolades and honors, including the 25 Top Leaders in Denver for Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, Women Making History Award, a Daniels Scholar, Denver Business Journal’s Making Their Mark, 40 Under 40 and many more.

Every business is nothing but a form of expression of what you’re trying to express to the world. ~Phoenix Jackson

Let’s meet Phoenix Jackson of the author of the Spirit of Business. To learn more about Phoenix visit her Phoenix Affect web site, her Phoenix Jackson web site or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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