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Tommi Wolfe: CEO of Top Six Business Coach and Bronze Birch Marketing – 050

Tommi Wolfe: CEO of Top Six Business Coach and Bronze Birch Marketing – 050

Welcome to Episode #50 of Extraordinary Women Radio! I love this milestone! So many incredible stories I’ve had the opportunity to share.

Have you ever had a mentor or a coach who has shaped the trajectory of your life… of your business? Well one of these women for me is Tommi Wolfe – and I’m super excited to host Tommi today on Extraordinary Women Radio.

I always say that Tommi helped my business grow up in those early years – and we talk about some of those lessons in today’s episode. And in fact, I’ll share how the whole concept of Extraordinary Woman was actually birthed in Tommi’s office several years ago!

Tommi has spent an incredible lifetime building companies – starting as a single mom in South Africa. Her stories are inspiring and her wisdom rich. She is currently the CEO of Top Six Business Coach and Bronze Birch Marketing. She supports a network of talented business coaches in 3 countries, all of whom specialize in helping solopreneurs to create abundant, lucrative and meaningful businesses.

In this episode we talk a lot about smart ways to grow your business, lifestyle, reinvention and everything else in between!

Tommi will be one of our Circle of Inspiration Facilitators at the May 29 Extraordinary Women Connect event – along with Tamara McCleary and Mia Voss. It’s going to be an incredible night of connecting with great women.

Go and do the hard things that you are avoiding today. They need to be done. ~Tommi Wolfe

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