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Lindsey Laurain: CEO of ezpz – a mom who makes kid’s mealtimes less messy – 047

Lindsey Laurain: CEO of ezpz – a mom who makes kid’s mealtimes less messy – 047

In 2014 Lindsey Laurain – today’s featured guest on Extraordinary Women Radio – and her husband were fed up with messy mealtime with their three young boys. In the midst of their frustration they said, “We need a plate the boys can’t toss!”

The next day she taped a bowl to a piece of paper and has quickly grown the company by bootstrapping her way along. ezpz is a woman owned, self-funded small business that has expanded into a global multimillion-dollar company.

Within six months this go-getter – act-now woman had invented and launched her company ezpz and created the Happy Mat, an all-in-one silicone placemat plus plate with patented self-seal technology. With the Happy Mat, infants and toddlers can no longer tip and toss plates at mealtime.

The company boasts an expansive product portfolio, including a self-published book, and has secured distribution in 1500 U.S. stores and 30 countries. ezpz’s self-seal technology is revolutionizing the feeding and medical industry.

Many children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy and low vision (among other disabilities) are eating independently for the first time. Lindsey has a huge heart when it comes to the special needs community, and she ensures that all of ezpz products are thoughtfully designed and developmentally sound for both neurotypical children and children with special needs.

If you have had a product idea bouncing around in your head, or if you’ve been feeling burnt out in a job and wanting to have more fun in your life and work,  you’ll want to listen to Lindsey’s story. Her story is inspirational! In this interview, she shares the ups and downs of entrepreneurialship, the lessons learned and how her life has changed since taking the leap just four years ago.

Energy is Real. I follow my gut. ~Lindsey Laurain

Let’s meet Lindsey Laurain of ezpz! You are going to love her!

To learn more about ezpz, visit for their dishware products and for their pet products, or follow ezpz on Facebook or Twitter.

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