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Heather Aardema: CEO of A Root of Well Being, sharing health practices for a well life – 030

Heather Aardema: CEO of A Root of Well Being, sharing health practices for a well life – 030

Today, I’m thrilled to bring Heather Aardema of Root of Well Being to this episode of Extraordinary Women Radio. Heather is a dear friend and client, and I’ve been blessed and honored to have been a part of her journey.

Heather shares her personal story about how she TOOK her life back, after having been prescribed a concoction of pharmaceutical drugs for over 18 years for 3 different autoimmune diseases. In a single day, she decided she was going to do life differently – that she was going to take ownership of her health and how she nourished her body.

And THAT decision was life changing. Forever.

Heather shares her healing journey and also how this planted the seed to follow her passion and her purpose, which subsequently started the her next big adventure of leaving behind the corporate job to launch Root of Well Being – a functional health and wellness organization that helps people rediscover the magic of feeling well.

Today, Heather teaches her clients to create a sustainable whole-life approach to lifelong health with nutrition, movement, stress reduction and more – which she reveals in our interview. The interview is full of great tips for feeling better in  your life.

Heather has such a huge passion for helping people feel better and live a different story. It’s all about living a vibrant new health reality. And who doesn’t want that!

Heather’s energy is contagious, and I can tell you – after I wrapped up this interview, I promptly went upstairs and made myself a delicious green smoothie for lunch!

Let’s jump in and meet Heather Aardema of Root of Well Being. You can follow Heather and her healthy wisdom on Facebook or Instagram.

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