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Claudia Cividino: CEO of Bally Americas, Great leadership starts with mastery of self – 028

Claudia Cividino: CEO of Bally Americas, Great leadership starts with mastery of self – 028

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Claudia Cividino, the CEO of Americas for the luxury fashion brand Bally, where she oversees all of Bally’s business functions in U.S., Canada, and South America from her Manhattan office.  She has held senior executive roles at PRADA SpA, Coach, and Yves Saint Laurent.  Claudia has led a long successful career in the world of big fashion brands.

I love this interview. We talk about women CEOs and leadership, and what it takes to break the glass ceiling. What Claudia shares is brilliant. And while she attributes her success to perseverance as many male CEOs might – she puts even more emphasis on something that may surprise you: mastery of self… to leading with a great awareness, to stillness, to the openness of exploration. For her, it’s never been about power over others. Instead it’s about doing her own deep inner work, and letting it flow from a deep grounded space within.

This is the kind of leadership that I love to write about, talk about and am passionate about – the kind of leadership that I believe is going to change the world and the companies in which we work. I believe that this is an evolving style of leadership – that women leaders are being called to step up and lead with all of their beautiful, feminine essence of internal knowing  – all their female essence – making space for that softer, knowing, intuitive side of us to rise up. And let me be clear: there is nothing weak about this softer, knowing, intuitive side of us – it is the inner strength that has always been there, and just needed to be set free. It’s Yin Rising!

And an important part of this story is that Claudia’s results speak for themselves – she outperforms every market around the world – and she’ll share more about this in our interview.

Claudia’s rich wisdom will have you on the edge of your seat. Let’s meet Claudia Cividino, CEO of Bally Americas.

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