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Katica Roy: CEO of Pipeline, Helping Companies Drive Economic Gains Through Gender Equity – 020

Katica Roy: CEO of Pipeline, Helping Companies Drive Economic Gains Through Gender Equity – 020

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio guest, Katica Roy turned her passion for women’s causes into a business that is making a difference. Her company Pipeline is a SaaS company that leverages artificial intelligence to identify and drive economic gains through gender equity.

Katica shares her stories of how she fought to be paid equitably and how that sparked her passion to start Pipeline. Pipeline helps companies bring systematic changes with real data to help fix the leaky pipeline – a term she coined around the large numbers of women exiting the workplace. She shares the surprising REAL reason for the leaky pipeline syndrome and why it’s so important that we fix this as a society – siting significant impending workforce shortages and economic losses. She says “Women are not broken. We need to fix the system.”

While Katica’s work is grounded in deep data and logic, she is passionate that it also integrates the human experience, and is connecting emotion and logic in Pipeline’s innovative approach to shifting how companies address gender equity to achieve stronger companies.

Katica is driven by a courageous passion to eradicate economic inequality and champions the rights of refugees, women, and children. Katica Roy is an award-winning business leader with more than two decades of experience in technology, healthcare and financial service.

Be sure to listen all the way through, as her stories of being the daughter of an refugee immigrant will give you goose bumps and have you pondering how you help those who need a hand up. It matters. Over the course of this interview we jam about courage and mindset and grit and resilience – and the importance of really being yourself and doing your best.

Katica has a rare combination of expertise in and passion for gender equity, people analytics, and sales operations. Katica was recently named a Luminary by the Colorado Technology Association and is a 2018 Colorado Governors’ Fellow. She pours her knowledge and unique lens into several community and global initiatives that she cares deeply for.

To learn more about Pipeline, visit their web site and follow them on Twitter.

Connect with Katica on Twitter.


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