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Tracy Revell: Love Your Body Rock Your Life – 011

Tracy Revell: Love Your Body Rock Your Life – 011

This week’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Tracy Revell, founder of Embodied Confidence. Tracy shares her belief that when women embrace their feminine, centered, creative emotional intelligence and combine it with masculine focus and action, they excel everywhere in their lives. Today we talk about growing a business, learning to trust your inner wisdom.

Tracy’s mantra is “Love your Body. Rock your Life,” and it helps women to become & BE more confident in themselves and in their own skin. Tracy teaches her clients how to balance their intuition & action, body & soul, emotional & intellectual, and Masculine & Feminine essence to create a Captivating Presence & the Embodied Confidence for a life that rocks! Be sure you play along in the Embodied Confidence exercise she does with me during our interview!

I love Tracy. And I know you’re going to love her also! Let’s meet her!

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