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Viveka von Rosen, Beyond the Dreamboard into Transformative Adventures and Lifestyle Legacy, Episode 324

Viveka von Rosen, Beyond the Dreamboard into Transformative Adventures and Lifestyle Legacy, Episode 324

The stories shared by my clients of their next-level breakthroughs in their businesses always light my heart up and make me proud. And today’s episode leads us up to Viveka von Rosen, a celebrated LinkedIn expert and bestselling author. She dedicates her work to empowering successful businesswomen aged 50+ globally. Her core mission is to empower clients to realize their legacy dreams, a journey she continues through her upcoming podcast, “Beyond the Dream Board,” and her latest book, “101 Ways to Rock Your Pivot: From Executive to Entrepreneur.


In This Episode:

  • Step into Viveka’s shoes and journey from LinkedIn expert to purpose-driven trailblazer in a transformative adventure of aligning with true purpose
  • Embark on a personalized adventure of self-discovery and fulfillment as you dive into the realm beyond traditional vision boards
  • Unlock the transformative power of alchemy to reshape your life and business, guiding you toward a true calling and renewed purpose beyond the burdens of past successes and failures
  • Delve into the significance of introspection, envisioning your future self, and summoning the courage to release what no longer serves you—whether it’s beliefs, awards, accolades, or even job roles
  • Step into a journey to explore the holistic approach of “Lifestyle Legacy,” guiding you toward balanced living, steering clear of overwork culture, and empowering you to make a meaningful impact


Viveka von Rosen is a renowned LinkedIn expert, bestselling author, and transformational speaker. With over 18 years of LinkedIn marketing expertise, she is a recognized authority in the field. As an accomplished author and international speaker, Viveka inspires women through her keynotes on transition and transformation, fostering their empowerment to create transformative ventures.


“I need to go and move into what I was meant to do so I can use my gifts and fulfill my calling.” ~Viveka von Rosen


To learn more about Viveka, you can visit her website, you can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Viveka von Rosen’s Show Notes

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