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Tania Vasallo, Founder of The Courage To Be Happy: On a Mission to Empower Women to Realize Their Innate Power – Episode 273

Tania Vasallo, Founder of The Courage To Be Happy: On a Mission to Empower Women to Realize Their Innate Power – Episode 273

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Tania Vasallo, CEO and Founder of The Courage To Be Happy, a Fortune 500 company that is a supportive community that empowers passionate, heart-centered women entrepreneurs around the world to become financially empowered so they do not have to depend on others. She grew up in Spain, with a Spanish father and an American mother. At the end of the dictatorship, she was constantly in search of freedom. Tania has worked on multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Starbucks, AT &T Wireless, KFC, Samsung, and Nabisco. She has managed to earn a six-figure income despite only working 20 hours a week. Tanya’s mission is to support and teach all independent women entrepreneurs and give them the tools and strategies to grow their money from a simple, practical, and spiritual perspective.

In This Episode: Vasallo

  • Tania shares her story about growing up in a dictatorship and how that influenced her decision to become an entrepreneur.
  • Her decision to leave the corporate world and start an agency with her husband
  • Her journey of soul-searching and why Santa Fe was the right fit for her  
  • Wisdom on healing your relationship with money and breaking through 
  • Why you need to challenge your beliefs about everything
  • How important it is for women to channel both feminine and masculine energy to achieve prosperity and abundance
  • How to reprogram your brain for money matters 
  • The biggest financial obstacles to women’s prosperity and abundance
  • Why her website is the perfect place to start your financial journey
  • How the recession is an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to grow

Tania Vasallo is the founder of The Courage To Be Happy, a safe and empowering community that encourages women entrepreneurs to be true to themselves and take control of their money and their lives. Growing up in Spain during the end of the Spanish dictatorship greatly influenced Tania, and made her yearn for freedom in all aspects of her life. Having had a former career in the arts, Tania began her business while juggling being a mother and saw incredible results very quickly, hitting 6k after just four years. Tania now helps women see the same success, and has made it her mission in life to empower women who feel like they don’t have a voice to be able to stand up and stand in their power.

“Money touches everything in this world. Why not learn to co-create with it?” ~Tania Vasallo

To learn more about Tania and her work you can visit her website, or connect with her on  Instagram or LinkedIn.

Let’s Meet Tania Vasallo.

Tania Vasallo Show Notes

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