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Susan Frew – Inc5000 Business Owner, Award Winning Coach and Author – Episode 215

Susan Frew – Inc5000 Business Owner, Award Winning Coach and Author – Episode 215

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Susan Frew, who shares her riveting story of growing her company 535%, making the INC5000 list, and then almost losing it all because of a bad hire. Susan’s’ employee left her company 100’s of Thousands of dollars in debt. Susan then went out on the “skinny branches” and courageously saved her company. Susan shares this story and more!

  • She shares the lessons she learned through this courageous journey, and gives you important wisdom to build into your own business.
  • She revolutionized the “12 points of love” that streamlined the unique and effective her company’s customer service experience.
  • The “bad apple” that ultimately made her experience the downhills of disconnecting with one’s authentic stories and brought her business to the point of bankruptcy.
  • She discusses how she can relate with Michael Michalowicz’s “Profit First” and how she utilized the same concepts to revive her business and pull it out of the brink of debt.
  • The Universe’s rainy connection to her life and her healing process empowered her voice and help more people who might be going through tough times because of deceit and fraud.
  • Susan recalls how her “elephant tribe” supported her throughout the ordeal and how she discovered greatness in prioritizing self-care rather than setting it all aside when she’s feeling rock bottom.

As the daughter of a carpenter and the wife of a master Plumber, Susan Frew used her Business Coaching experience, having coached over 10,000 hours, 18 different trades and 150 companies.

The Frews grew Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air 535% in just one year and made the illusive INC5000 list in 2019 along with 43 other awards and accolades. Susan is a former International GM with AT&T Wireless, Instructor for the SBA’s national Emerging Leaders program, radio host of “Coaching Not Just for Sports” on ESPN radio in Denver.

After a break to focus on Sunshine’s growth, Susan returned to her roots as a Business Coach, Professional Speaker and Emcee. In 2020, Susan is delivering her new virtual keynotes session called: “Leading Through the Rain,” Susan walks the audience through the journey of almost losing her multimillion-dollar company by way of a bad hire. Learn how Susan and her team turned Sunshine around and saved it from going down the drain (plumber humor) after being close to 1 Million Dollars in Debt.

Susan motivates and inspires audiences by showing them the way to overcome adversity and she has made it her life’s work to help other businesses to thrive and avoid catastrophe.

“If you’re in a financial trouble, you need to downsize. You need to look at what’s essential and what’s not.” – Susan Frew

You’re going to love Susan– let’s meet Susan Frew

Susan Frew Show Notes

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