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Sherry Hess – Founder of the Flavor Remedy, Saving the Earth One Flavor at a Time – Episode 202

Sherry Hess – Founder of the Flavor Remedy, Saving the Earth One Flavor at a Time – Episode 202

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am thrilled to introduce you to my extraordinary client, Sherry Hess – Founder of the Flavor Remedy, saving the earth one flavor at a time. Sherry is the Founder of The Flavor Remedy and the host of her show Let’s Talk Taste with Sherry.

Sherry believes that one taste bud at a time, we can save our health and the health of the planet. When we are aware of our bodies and the flavors we consume, we can eat with zero guilt and complete pleasure in a way that supports our bodies. Flavor is meant to be celebrated, appreciated, and understood as the most primal language we use to nourish our mind, body, and spirit.

In this Episode:

  • Sherry enthusiastically explains the concept behind the Flavor Remedy and how it embodies the thought of life creating life.
  • She digs deep into her life experience and how it inspired her that she can combine nutrition with Earth’s exciting flavors.
  • Sherry explains how years of agricultural changes led to nutritional and taste impacts as a trade-off for greater yield.
  • The many flavor experiences, its distinctions, and the amazing nutrition embodied in it.
  • Sherry highlights how the connection between living flavors and nutritious-filled eating impacts the Earth in a sustainable manner.
  • Sherry shares her beliefs regarding diet culture and flavorful yet nutritious consumption of healthy foods.
  • She discusses the overwhelming yet satisfying journey of advocating for a healthier, more organic, and life-filled Earth.

As an advocate for our sense of taste, Sherry is here to stand up for flavor, to shine a light on the imposters who pretend to be nutritious, and to educate you about why it’s important to pay attention to the five flavors your senses were born to experience: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami. It’s time to take back pleasure in eating and to do it in a way that supports your body. By understanding the nutrition that flavors represent, you can embrace your desire for delicious food rather than resist it. By embracing the flavors and balancing them on your plate, you can also balance the nutrition you consume.

The most rewarding part of Sherry’s work is that she gets to create a direct connection between the health of the planet to the pleasure of the human experience of eating. By practicing delicious environmentalism, we get to connect the wisdom of nutritious soils to a pleasurable experience for humanity.  Through our senses, we can truly save the Earth one flavor at a time.

Sherry will be gracing the TedX Breckenridge stage in her passion on October 2, 2021!

“Each flavor experience has a purpose for our bodies. It’s got nutrition behind it.” – Sherry Hess

Discover more about Sherry’s works and passion on the eWomen Network website Flavor Remedy. You can also follow her on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Sherry Hess!

Sherry Hess Show Notes

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Amazing and incredible! Thanks Sherry for teaching us what we so desperately need to know.
Andrea Rahlf

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