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Shelly Schell – Financial Strategist | Educating Women to Make Deeper and More Meaningful Relationships With Money – Episode 270

Shelly Schell – Financial Strategist | Educating Women to Make Deeper and More Meaningful Relationships With Money – Episode 270

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to someone I love working with and who has impacted my perspective on how I want my money to matter. Shelly Schell is one of my amazing clients, my family’s financial advisor, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Financial Strategist, Founding Partner at PRISM Financial Strategies, and the creator of Seasonal Finance, an educational program designed to motivate, inspire, and engage women with their money in a unique way. Shelly has been a financial advisor for 25 years and is passionate about educating women on how to integrate their purpose with their money.

In This Episode:

  • Shelly shares what led her to leave a large investment firm and start Prism Financial Strategies
  • What starting a registered investment advisor (RIA) meant to her 
  • Why she wanted to help women make better financial connections
  • The impact of financial planning on your goals
  • How to invest in companies that align with your beliefs
  • Why she believes women can make a profound difference in corporate America
  • The impact of Amazon’s online orders on her children and how it shifted her perspective
  • The ways Kami’s Mastermind Group has supported her in her business
  • Shelly’s one message to the world

Shelly Schell believes that when women invest in companies they believe in, our world will change. She helps women and their families enhance their relationship with money and meet their financial goals through education-based financial planning. With more than two decades of experience, she takes a lifestyle approach, tailoring investment solutions that match each client’s beliefs and needs. She is a Co-Founder and Partner of PRISM Financial Strategies and the creator of Seasonal Finance, an online educational program designed to inspire women to get involved in investing and financial planning. In addition, Shelly is also a certified divorce financial analyst and helps individuals analyze the long-term financial impact of divorce.

“Women who are empowered financially build a better world.” ~Shelly Schell

To learn more about Shelly and her work you can visit her website, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Let’s Meet Shelly Schell.

Shelly Schell Show Notes

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