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Shelley Goldstein – Brand Strategist Gamifying Story Telling – eps 208

Shelley Goldstein – Brand Strategist Gamifying Story Telling – eps 208

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Shelley Goldstein, a brand strategist who gamifies story telling!

In this episode:

  • Falling in love with storytelling and how costume design brought the message she wants to exude in her creations.
  • Be inspired with the origin story of her creative, soulful and exciting storytelling that paved the way for her career as a brand strategist/marketer.
  • Shelley describes how personal authenticity builds effective communication and binding trust that will help individuals not only with their personal affairs but with their business undertakings, too.
  • Breaking through the proverbial fear of speaking through relatable stories and common grounds of life experiences.
  • Shelley discusses what her zone of creativity feels like (you’ll need to hear this one!) not only for her costume designs but for her brand strategizing works as well.
  • Listen to an insightful, wisdom-filled yet practical message Shelley shares exclusively with us.

I love story telling! It’s how people connect with us and get to know us! Story telling is such an intricate part of this podcast and the work I do with my clients – helping them raise up their voice and visibility – from the stage, on podcasts and on social media. It makes us real.

And so when I had the opportunity to meet Shelley Goldstein, who is gamifying story telling. I said – oh we must meet! And we had a great time jamming on the power of story!

Shelley cut her branding teeth designing costumes on Broadway in New York City. She used clothing as a tool for storytelling to connect the character and the audience. Like a well-defined character, today Shelley uses games and a matrix as tools to help clients better communicate to their audience.

She is the founder of bigIDEA, a branding and marketing consultancy. She created the bigIDEA Branding Matrix, an all-in-one framework for messaging, in 2010. Her client roster spans environmental, fashion, sports, hospitality, and entertainment industries.

In 2020 Shelley became a Certified Coach in Ultraspeaking, a system that gamifies the art of public speaking. Goldstein coach’s clients on transformational journey of what to say and how to say it.

You’re going to love Shelley – let’s meet Shelley Goldstein!

You can learn more about Shelley on her bigIdea web site. Follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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