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Sarah J. Bohnenkamp – Chief Trailblazer of Epic Conversations – eps 184

Sarah J. Bohnenkamp – Chief Trailblazer of Epic Conversations – eps 184

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am thrilled to bring you one of my BFF’s – Sarah J. Bohnenkamp – a chief trailblazer of epic conversations!

In this episode:

  • Sarah’s story and moments that created a paradigm shift in her life
  • How Sarah looked at 2020 as an opportunity to serve her clients and community
  • The importance of standing up as a leader not only in the corporate realm but also in the entrepreneurial world
  • What does your ‘leadership’ stand for?
  • Love & leadership — and the connection of the two
  • How Sarah relates the energy and beauty of horses into how people lead at the core of who they are
  • The 3 Cs of leadership

Sarah’s personal Twitter profile says “Momma of two lil love muffins. Wife. Singer (and bad guitar player). Leadership Coach. Developer. Dreamer. Horse lover.” and for 20+ years she’s been a hope dealer and developer of leaders.

Sarah attributes much of her success to lessons she’s learned from horses, including her first horse “Buck” who taught her volumes about leadership, never saying a word. Today, she combines leadership lessons from horses like Buck, with juicy pop-culture situations, paired with powerful, real-world business experience, to deliver unforgettable personal and professional development experiences for her clients and audiences around the world.

Sarah specializes in:

  • Cultivating anti-average leadership with professionals and bold organizations who want to make an epic impact.
  • Creating and maximizing sustainable business systems with adventurous entrepreneurs and best-in-class organizations.
  • Deepening communication and relationship-building mastery.

“We’re all making shifts that create those ripple effects.” —Sarah J. Bohnenkamp

Discover more about Sarah’s works and passion on her website Sarah J. Bohnenkamp. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let’s meet Sarah J. Bohnenkamp!

Sarah J., Bohnenkamp Show Notes

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