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Sandy Corrigan – Leading Transformation of Organizations and People with Love — Episode 230

Sandy Corrigan – Leading Transformation of Organizations and People with Love — Episode 230

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Sandy Corrigan, an extraordinary woman leading organizations and people through transitions with love.

In this interview Sandy shares:

  • Sandy shares her natural propensity to create and teach small businesses to thrive with love and beauty and how she got started to transform lives with her gift.
  • Understanding the impact of a supportive community towards the real essence of transformation and how Sandy helps individuals achieve transformation through the process of discovering one’s identity.
  • She discusses how living a lifestyle that an individual desires can ultimately throw a person off the metaphorical treadmill and how it became a measure of success for her, her clients and others.
  • The seemingly trivial realizations Sandy discovers from her interaction with animals that became life lessons. Plus, a heartwarming story of how you always don’t need to rush the process.
  • Listen to the “not-so-glamorous” yet heartwarming legacy Sandy wants to leave her loved ones, her family, her clients and the people she touched lives with.

Sandy is an author, coach, speaker, writer, singer, and lover of family and horses. Working in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, Sandy’s pioneering spirit has helped launch many organizations from the ground up. She has held leadership roles in the areas of organizational and people development, coaching and training. Sandy was part of a team that implemented mentoring solutions for large distributed Fortune 500 Companies and spearheaded a complete turnaround for a large real estate franchise.

“True transformation is identity. It’s knowing who I am, and the willingness to expose pieces of myself to decide who am I really.” – Sandy Corrigan

Let’s meet Sandy Corrigan. To learn more about Sandy visit her Facebook and you can email her at

Sandy Corrigan Show Notes

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