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Nik Aliye – Digital Influencer Marketing Exec – Episode 204

Nik Aliye – Digital Influencer Marketing Exec – Episode 204

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am thrilled to introduce you to Nik Aliye, a digital influencer marketing executive, who has worked with some of the largest big brand names. Nik also produced the Shorty Awards, which honors the best content creators and producers on social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and more.

In this Episode:

  • Nik shares her exciting and challenging career working at the Shorty Awards – A platform that honors the best of social media.
  • She shares the highlights and her favorite bits of social media back then and how people’s view of influencers drastically shifted into a more positive light.
  • The real essence of influencer marketing and how this multi-million industry has shaped human interaction and connection.
  • Nik discusses the most memorable campaign she worked on that elaborates on the authenticity, rawness, and intimacy that brings influencer marketing to massive success.
  • Nuggets of wisdom that entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and those who market their brands must hear from Nik Aliye. (You don’t want to miss these!)
  • Nik discloses the not-so-fancy BTS that influencers of diversity experience.
  • Listen to how Nik integrates human-to-human marketing for clients and brands in her line of work.
  • She provides tips for building your social media presence that will guarantee value and impact to your target audience without the clutter, the noise, or the negativities.

Nik is the Global Director of Whalar, a best-in-class influencer company. She is a multi-faceted executive with deep expertise in digital creators.

She was previously the showrunner and Senior Creative Producer of the Shorty Awards and was responsible for the nomination of over 500 creators across 45 categories. Following the Shorty Awards, she joined Target as the creative lead on the Influence Marketing and Talent Partnerships team. At Target, she produced a wide range of innovative social content including two seasons of the acclaimed “Let’s Target” YouTube series that paired digital creators with traditional celebrities, and debuted with 22 million views. At Whalar, Nik leads creative ideation for top brands like AT&T TV and MAC Cosmetics, and she produces events that create emotional, authentic connections, delighting fans and driving benchmark-breaking business results.

“You have to be authentic. You have to be yourselves. You have to talk like the way you talk in real life. You have to show up in a way that it feels natural to you. And, don’t force yourself to create content on a platform that you know nothing at all.” – Nik Aliye

Discover more about Nik’s works and passion on her website Whalar. You can also follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Let’s meet Nik Aliye!

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