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Nicole Trick Steinbach – Helping Women in Tech Build their Brave – Episode 170

Nicole Trick Steinbach – Helping Women in Tech Build their Brave – Episode 170

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to Nicole Trick Steinbach. Nicole is one of my dear clients doing big things in the world. Nicole is a global executive & career coach and change management consultant helping women in tech level up their brave.

Nicole helps others around the world build their own bravery so that they turn dreams into reality, like accepting executive roles, relocating internationally, doubling their income, and thriving in the career of their dreams. She’s doing amazing work around the world.

In this Episode:

  • How Nicole has grown her global business from zero to 6- figures+ in her first year of business – and that was in 2020 mind you!
  • The importance of be stretched and uncomfortable
  • Fail and get it over with!
  • The difference between fierce and brave
  • Hear Nicole’s own moments of bravery and how she overcome fear throughout
  • What ‘bravery’ means and how to build the skill of bravery
  • Concrete steps to #RaiseUP the skill of bravery

Nicole is a former global senior director for companies like SAP and has worked in over 25 countries. Nicole innately understands and lives the skill of bravery & the joy of failure. She was born into a struggling single parent family and with a speech impediment; now she is financially secure and bi-lingual.

“I have always asked this question over and over again: ‘can we change better?’ Because we’re always constantly changing things, and it is always painful.” —Nicole Trick Steinbach

Discover more about Nicole’s works and passion on her website Nicole Trick Steinbach. You can also follow her on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Nicole Trick Steinbach!

Nicole Trick Steinbach Show Notes

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