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Nadira Artyk, Empowering Women’s Voices, Leadership, and Impact, Episode 347

Nadira Artyk, Empowering Women’s Voices, Leadership, and Impact, Episode 347

Happy spring, almost summer. I’ve been gardening and have some tomatoes and veggies growing in container gardens. We’ve got a new horse in the barn and there’s just a lot of excitement at our house. Another exciting news is that we are starting to plan our 2024 Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference on October 24th through 26th in Golden, Colorado. Over the past decade, Ignite has empowered hundreds of women to transform their businesses and lives with bold plans of action grounded in wisdom, clarity, and purpose. This year, we’re diving deeper into unlocking time and wealth prosperity, attracting sole clients, and simplifying and scaling businesses for sustainable growth. Early bird tickets are on sale now and all the details are available here.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce a remarkable guest, Nadira Artyk. Based in Paris, France, Nadira runs Elevate Accelerator, empowering women worldwide to find their authentic leadership voices, build personal brands, and advance their careers. Her background as a former BBC journalist and editor combined with her expertise in leadership communication and storytelling uniquely positions her to coach and train women to become vocal, visible, and influential leaders.  Nadira’s personal journey is equally inspiring. From growing up in a Muslim culture where women’s voices were expected to be whispers to becoming a top voice on LinkedIn and a celebrated women’s leadership coach. Today, she’ll share her transformative story with us, discuss how she found her voice, and reveal the strategies she used to build a successful coaching business in France post-divorce as a foreigner.

In This Episode:

  • Explore Nadira’s inspiring journey from a patriarchal upbringing in Soviet Uzbekistan to becoming a journalist for the BBC and her mission to empower women.
  • Understand the unique obstacles women encounter when finding and using their voices, especially in professional environments.
  • Learn why visibility is crucial for women’s success in leadership roles and how it can be linked to a larger purpose to overcome fears and hesitations.
  • Discover how cultivating a growth mindset, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness can help individuals overcome personal and professional obstacles.
  • Explore the evolving dynamics in the workplace, including addressing toxic cultures and the growing importance of self-care, emotional intelligence, and executive presence in leadership roles.
  • Understand the significance of resilience, proactive action, and a strong mindset in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship and building a thriving business.


Nadira Artyk is a certified executive leadership coach and a personal branding expert. She is also the founder of Visionary Voices, the global community of women leaders, founders, and consultants, and is LinkedIn’s top voice. For the past decade, Nadira has coached and trained hundreds of women CEOs, managers, founders, consultants, and entrepreneurs all around the world, helping them become vocal, visible and influential leaders.

“My mission is to empower women find their voice, to own their voice, and to speak up in bolder ways and to show up for themselves, whether they are entrepreneurs or in corporate world.” ~Nadira Artyk

To learn more about Nadira, you can visit her website, you can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

Nadira Artyk’s Show Notes

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