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Monica Parikh – Global Shift of Consciousness to Universal Love Consciousness – Episode 166

Monica Parikh – Global Shift of Consciousness to Universal Love Consciousness – Episode 166

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to Monica Parikh, Global Shift of Consciousness to Universal Love Consciousness.

In this Episode:

  • Reasons why marriages are failing and how Monica built a curriculum that provides the actual skills needed to prosper in romantic relationships.
  • The origin of the School of Love and how her failed marriage become the driven factor that led her to study the psychology of relationships.
  • The importance of “Conscious Partnership” and “Individuation”.
  • Learning how to work on ourselves and how to have that positive energy.
  • Effects of how having a right and wrong relationships.
  • How technology affects the relationships, its danger, and the greatest opportunities for modern marriages.
  • Monica’s advice on how to overcome woundedness.

Monica Parikh is a teacher, writer, lawyer and public speaker. Through her business, School of Love NYC, she teaches a global audience about love, psychology and higher consciousness. Using psychology, spirituality, non-violent communication and quantum physics, her curriculum gives clients practical skills in emotional intelligence to build healthy relationships.

She writes for international publications like MindBodyGreen and Bustle, coaches private clients and gives motivational speeches. Her work has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, Audible UK, Stella UK, The New York Post, and The Jenny McCarthy Show on Sirius XM radio. In 2020, she will release “Take Back the Power” — a modern fable about breakups aimed to raise collective consciousness and restore world peace.

“The right relationship prospers two people; the wrong relationships take time and energy doing what you are doing.” –Monica Parikh

Discover more about Monica’s works and passion on her websites: School of Love. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn,  and follow her on Facebook.

Let’s meet Monica Parikh!

Monica Parikh Show Notes

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