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Liz Wendling – Selling from your Heart – National Speaker and Six-Time Author — Episode 214

Liz Wendling – Selling from your Heart – National Speaker and Six-Time Author — Episode 214

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to a dear friend and powerhouse woman, Liz Wendling! This was such a fun interview and we laughed, we got real on what works in sales today – and hint – it’s different that 2 years ago!

Liz is a nationally recognized speaker, sales consultant, and author of 6 books. Her two most recent are The Heart of Authentic Selling and Sell Without Selling Your Soul. 

In this episode:

  • Liz shares how her unconventional yet authentic method led to a revolutionary discovery of her passion with sales.
  • It’s out with the old and in with the new: dissing out the sale-sy approach and building relationships with the new, smart and savvy consumer that results in more success.
  • She sheds light as to why some individuals dislike sales and how understanding your personal approach and embracing your soul makes selling more fulfilling.
  • The impact of looking into one’s self, listening to bodily cues, admitting mistakes and finally taking corrective measures to be a better salesperson.
  • Liz defines what “selling from the soul” means and how certain openings already determine what will happen in the closing.

Liz is driven by the mantra, It’s not WHAT you sell, it’s HOW you sell that matters. Liz understands the sales challenges that professionals face when selling in today’s competitive environment and shows them how to make a profound difference in their sales approach, language, and process —online and offline.

Whether it’s for her one-on-one consulting, group coaching, multiple-day training, or workshops, Liz will customize programs around the specific needs, challenges, and objectives a business is facing.

Liz has coached thousands of professionals to build solid business skills, develop a success mindset, exceed their sales expectations, and prosper in any economy.

“Nobody wants to do business with a servant. They want to do business with a woman who’s aligned and confident and strong and compelling. They want someone who can stand up for themselves and say, “I’m happy to do a proposal, but it doesn’t sound like I have the right information or enough information for me to do accurately.” – Liz Wendling

You’re going to love Liz– let’s meet Liz Wendling

You can learn more about Liz on her website. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Liz Wendling Show Notes

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