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Kimberly Russo, The Power of Flexibility: Finding Freedom in a Nomadic Lifestyle, Episode 310

Kimberly Russo, The Power of Flexibility: Finding Freedom in a Nomadic Lifestyle, Episode 310

I’m thrilled to share my recent vacation with my husband attending the Great Lakes Trawler School. It was an incredible week on Lake Michigan aboard a 32-foot live-aboard Nordic tug named Vital Signs, where we earned our powerboat cruising certifications and more. What amazed me was how much I learned during this trip, not just about boating but also about life as an entrepreneur. Embracing a beginner’s mindset was crucial, and it helped me let go of self-judgment and preconceived notions. Taking things slow and smooth, just like when docking in tight spaces, taught me the wisdom of making calculated progress and avoiding hasty mistakes. Breathing became a powerful tool, calming my mind and allowing me to make better decisions even in high-pressure situations. These lessons go beyond the water’s edge and are shaping my dream of becoming a nomadic entrepreneur, running my business from anywhere in the world.

And I can’t wait to introduce you to our guest today, Kimberly Russo, the director of the American Great Loop Cruising Association, who will share her own experiences as a nomadic businesswoman navigating the Great American Loop. This conversation promises to inspire you to chase your dreams and embrace a nomadic working lifestyle. Get ready to be motivated to set your ideas into motion!


In This Episode:

  • Kim explains the Great American Loop and how she finds fulfillment and inspiration in her role as the Executive Director
  • How The Great Loop has been an amazing and transformative experience for her as an entrepreneur and why it can be a great lifestyle as long as you’ve got some flexibility and some control over your schedule
  • The importance of pausing and taking time to appreciate the journey and unpredictability
  • How the Great Loop journey has pushed her outside of her comfort zone and how she has embraced the learning experiences it offers


Kimberly Russo became Director of AGLCA in 2015, she has presented on the Great Loop at many of the nation’s largest boat shows, including Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and New England, as well as TrawlerFest and Cruisers’ University. Kim’s own Great Loop adventure is finally underway! She officially began the Loop in February of 2022 from Fort Myers, Florida aboard The Perch, a Silverton 410 Cockpit Motor Yacht. She hopes to cross her wake in late 2023. Before beginning the Great Loop, Kim’s boating experience was primarily in and around her home waters of Charleston, South Carolina where she has lived and boated for more than 25 years.


“When you push yourself outside of your comfort zone a little bit, you get to have those moments of success when it goes well.” ~Kimberly Russo


To learn more about Kim, you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Kimberly Russo’s Show Notes

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