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Kathleen June, Soulful Adult Learning: Mastering Teaching Tactics for Deeper Connections, Episode 326

Kathleen June, Soulful Adult Learning: Mastering Teaching Tactics for Deeper Connections, Episode 326

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my extraordinary clients, Kathleen June. Whether you’re planning to create a new course in 2024 or update an existing one, Kathleen’s wisdom as an instructional course designer is a must-listen. Her passion for adult learning started with a transformative moment transitioning from a school teacher to a workshop trainer.

She’s been instrumental in shaping courses based on proven adult learning practices, helping me and numerous clients. Joseph Campbell’s belief that to change the world, we must teach people to live in it resonates with Kathleen. She sparks a passion for teaching and learning in coaches and thought leaders, guiding them to craft soulful and structured courses for adult learners.


In This Episode:

  • Kathleen shares her journey of self-discovery, transitioning from teaching kids to finding her passion in adult education and workshop training
  • Explore the differences between teaching children and adults
  • The power of infusing life experiences into the learning process, creating a more profound and meaningful educational experience
  • Discover strategies to avoid information overload and focus on practical takeaways
  • Learn how to make your teaching soulful by incorporating your innate wisdom and passion to connect with learners on a deeper, more meaningful level
  • Get practical advice on crafting clear learning objectives and adaptable content for varying time constraints
  • Discover how to turn obstacles into opportunities for growth and transformation


Kathleen June brings over 32 years of teaching, training, and instructional design experience to her coaching venture, Kathleen June Coaching: The Coach’s Course. Collaborating with clients, she taps into their deep passion and innate wisdom to create engaging, skill-focused courses. Coaches, speakers, and thought leaders benefit from Kathleen’s transformative guidance, resulting in seamlessly flowing courses and enhanced teaching skills for her clients.


“Teaching is a spiritual act.” ~Kathleen June


To learn more about Kathleen, you can visit her website, you can also connect with her on Linkedin.

Kathleen June’s Show Notes

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