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Kathi McCarty – Activist, Founder, and Owner of Meth Toxin Awareness Alliance; Channeling her Inner Erin Brockovich — Episode 220

Kathi McCarty – Activist, Founder, and Owner of Meth Toxin Awareness Alliance; Channeling her Inner Erin Brockovich — Episode 220

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to one of my extraordinary clients, Kathi McCarty. Kathi is an activist channeling her inner Erin Brockovich, and the founder of the Meth Toxin Awareness Alliance.

After experiencing a serious health event, Kathi left her position as a career executive in lending and banking to focus on her recovery. She decided to rent her family home as a means to offset her medical costs.

What seemed like a sensible solution turned into her worst nightmare when her beautiful home was rented to a meth addict by an irresponsible and unethical property management company. The tenant turned her house into a meth lab, contaminating her home while putting her neighbors and her entire community at risk.

Kathi is on a mission to educate people and raise awareness regarding the insidious presence of meth toxicity in our homes and lives

In this interview:

  • Kathi shares this story, and the lessons learned.
  • She brings light to the unspoken reality the prevalent presence of meth toxins in homes in every neighborhood.
  • The mission of Meth Toxin Awareness Alliance and how it aims to educate people about the adverse effects of Meth use.
  • Protection through prevention: Kathi discusses the policy changes, state laws and societal stigmas she wants to break in the hopes of protecting property owners against similar circumstances.

Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance exists to protect everyone from the devastating impacts of meth toxins in homes. Her organization provides resources and educational opportunities to raise awareness of the growing incidents of dangerous meth toxins contamination that is being found in every community. Kathi collaborates with industry experts & trusted advisors in many industries including real estate, property insurance, law, and environmental protection. In addition, she fiercely fights to advocate for stronger legislation to safeguard homeowners, renters, and workers.

“Do what is right, not what is always easy.” – Kathi McCarty

Let’s meet Kathi McCarty

Kathi McCarty Show Notes

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