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Kate Northrup, Unlocking Life and Flourishing Business Through Doing Less – Episode 335

Kate Northrup, Unlocking Life and Flourishing Business Through Doing Less – Episode 335

I am thrilled to have Kate Northrup, the bestselling author, mother, and visionary behind ‘Money: A Love Story’ and ‘Do Less’. Her philosophy of ‘doing less’ perfectly aligns with our mission of fostering balance, growth, and prosperity. Kate shares transformative insights into creating a life and business that flourish with less effort and more essence. She also discusses leveraging your innate cycles for greater productivity and well-being, and the wisdom that comes from collective experiences. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your relationship with time, money, or work, this conversation promises to inspire and empower you to reclaim your time and redefine success on your own terms.


In This Episode:

  • Kate Northrup shares her personal journey, particularly during pregnancy and after giving birth, which led her to question societal norms around constant productivity, ultimately inspiring her to write her book “Do Less.”
  • Discover practical steps for reducing your workload, optimizing productivity, and prioritizing well-being in both business and personal life.
  • Learn why managing energy is more crucial than managing time
  • Explore the importance of recognizing and honoring cyclical patterns in women’s lives as a means to foster balance, creativity, and vitality.
  • Understand the role of the nervous system in regulating various bodily functions and responses, including stress
  • Unlock practical strategies for breaking free from the cycle of busyness and stress


Kate Northrup is dedicated to helping ambitious individuals work less, reduce stress, and create more abundance. With a unique blend of data-driven insights and soulful wisdom, she offers practical planning practices and systems that honor personal well-being and business success. Kate’s motto, “Body First. Business Second.,” underscores her commitment to holistic health and productivity. Through her acclaimed books, programs, and Do Less Planner system, she empowers clients to harness their innate energy cycles and achieve abundant fulfillment while reducing their to-do lists.


“We don’t have to worry so much about time management when we’re managing our energy well.” ~Kate Northrup


To learn more about Kate, you can visit her website, you can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

Kate Northrup’s Show Notes

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