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Kami Guildner: From 2020 to January 6 in the US and into 2021 – Episode 181

Kami Guildner: From 2020 to January 6 in the US and into 2021 – Episode 181

This is a different sort of Extraordinary Women Radio today. It’s a solo episode. I had recorded this episode earlier this week, and it was all set to go out this morning on Thursday January 7.

However, in the midst of the happenings at our nation’s capital yesterday, I could not in good conscience release this episode – which I feel is still relevant as we step into 2021, without first recording a new intro to reflect on what happened in our country yesterday.

So you will get two parts. The first six minutes, I will warn you: I get political. This is not a political podcast. But today, as a woman in America, I could not leave this unsaid. We have big problems to solve in our nation and the only way we can do this is together. Today I have to take a stance and give voice to my sadness, my anger and my disgust for what happened in Washington DC yesterday – for what has happened in our nation in the past four years.

The second part of this episode, I move into a solo episode of  my own reflection on 2020, and how we as women and entrepreneurs can step up and lead in 2021. It’s time.

In this Episode:

  • Tune back how 2020 is filled with wisdom, gifts, growth, and expansion despite the crazy times
  • How 2020 is not all about pivot but shift and expansion—not only for Kami but also in her community
  • Growing a business in a downturn
  • Expanded and meaningful connections despite limited physical interactions
  • The power of following your intuition
  • How 2020 magnified circumstances that were long overdue to shift
  • Leadership as the center focus in 2021 (Lead like a woman with grit and grace)

It took courage to produce this episode, especially today’s added intro. I love talking about entrepreneurs, women and all the topics we usually cover here. Today, it needed to be something more. Thank you for tuning in.

May you find some fire, inspiration and step into this new year with purpose. Thank you being a part of my tribe and community and tuning into all the extraordinary women interviews I get to do this year. Thank you for giving me the space to listen to this solo episode. I don’t do these often – and it was time right now for me. Shine your light.

“You have gifts that are meant to help shift and make a difference in our world.” —Kami Guildner

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