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Julie Kraschinsky, Unlocking the Spiritual CEO Within You, Episode 320

Julie Kraschinsky, Unlocking the Spiritual CEO Within You, Episode 320

Meet Julie Kraschinsky, the Spirited Soul Coaching CEO, who’s harnessed the power of Universal and Spiritual Laws throughout her life. She discusses how these laws are always accessible, regardless of belief, and offers insights into utilizing them for increased ease and joy in both personal and professional realms.

Julie is also the Executive Managing Director of the Calabasas Chapter of eWomennetwork, a Global entrepreneurial organization where she leads events and help empower women to excel in business.


In This Episode:

  • Julie unlocks the secrets of creating spaciousness in your life and discovers how receiving transformative messages can propel both your business and personal journey to new heights
  • Discover the art of integrating soul work seamlessly into your daily business practices, finding the perfect balance between spirituality and entrepreneurship
  • Dive into the profound shift happening in the realm of business perspectives, emphasizing the significance of authenticity and embracing your unique identity
  • Master the art of grounding your daily activities in gratitude and discover the profound joy in every moment, enhancing your overall well-being
  • Explore the significance of tuning into your intuition and inner guidance, helping you make decisions that are in perfect alignment with your true life purpose


Julie Kraschinsky has spent almost 30 years developing techniques and tools that connect with her soul’s path to pursue a heart-centered approach to coaching entrepreneurs through a prosperous business journey. Most of her clients are not new to the business world, but they are new to owning their own business and understanding what it means to be the CEO. She developed her Joyful CEO Life community, where she teaches the principles that she uses to step into a life and business you can truly love with ease & joy!


“Women entrepreneurs are very heart-centered and make decisions with their heart and their soul.” ~Julie Kraschinsky


To learn more about Julie, you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on FacebookInstagram, and Linkedin.

Julie Kraschinsky’s Show Notes


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