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Janine Vanderburg, Discovering ‘What’s Next’: A Guide for Your Encore Stage, Episode 321

Janine Vanderburg, Discovering ‘What’s Next’: A Guide for Your Encore Stage, Episode 321

Today, you’re in for a special treat as I have the privilege of introducing you to a dear friend and valued client, Janine Vanderburg. She wears many hats: CEO, speaker, writer, and consultant. Her passion lies in helping businesses and brands unlock the potential of encore talent and the longevity economy, guiding them toward incredible success. She offers diverse courses and services dedicated to helping those in the ‘encore’ stage of life discover their ‘what’s next.’


In This Episode:

  • Be inspired by Janine’s journey from leading a multi-million dollar consulting firm that she built  to launching her own encore path
  • The several barriers women experience in the workplace and why we need to raise our voices to educate  employers about intergenerational teams
  • How she works and focuses on helping women in their “encore” stage of life by highlighting their attributes, brilliance, and connections
  • The concrete steps you can take when you are trying to figure out your “what’s next” 
  • Understand why you need to embrace aging with a positive mindset and not allow ageist messages to undermine your potential


Janine Vanderburg is the driving force behind Encore Roadmap and is also the visionary founder of ‘Changing the Narrative,’ a remarkable national campaign committed to ending ageism. She initiated the Age-Friendly Workplace Initiative, emphasizing the undeniable business advantages of older workers and intergenerational teams. Her efforts were so impactful that she received a prestigious Metro Vision Award from the Denver Regional Council of Governments.

For the last three years, Janine chaired the Encore Network, a global coalition of leaders who champion the civic, social, and economic contributions of people 50+. She was a 2020-21 Encore Public Voices Fellow. She serves on the board of the Center for Workforce Inclusion Labs, which advances bold and innovative solutions to labor force challenges. Janine won the Mayor’s Diversity and Inclusion Award and Colorado Center on Aging’s 2022 Public Service Appreciation award for her public policy advocacy. This summer, the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce named Janine one of the Top 25 Powerful Women in Business.


“We may not be able to end people’s thinking about ageism, but we can mitigate the effects of it by showing people what they’re missing out on when they ignore experienced talent.” ~Janine Vanderburg


To learn more about Janine, you can connect with her on Linkedin.

Janine Vanderburg’s Show Notes

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