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Hannah McKitrick, Healing Your Mind, Body, and Soul in the Kitchen, Episode 308

Hannah McKitrick, Healing Your Mind, Body, and Soul in the Kitchen, Episode 308

Food and wellness is something that I am passionate about and I’m a big believer that we have to nourish our bodies and take care of our bodies in good ways as entrepreneurs.

Today, I am excited to introduce you to Hannah McKitrick. She’s had some heavy seasons in her life where she was literally at war in her mind and at war with her body. For years she felt trapped in her crippling anxiety and confusion about how to eat. This is why she’s now obsessed with creating experiences that help people feel and be lighter. An 18-year journey living with Crohn’s disease started out grim but eventually led to a healing diet that taught her to heal her body from the inside out. Hannah uses food and the energy that you bring to cooking, as the alchemical vehicle to bring more lightness into your entire being – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


In This Episode:

  • Hannah talks about her healing journey living with Chron’s Disease 
  • The importance of allowing flexibility based intuitively on your emotional or situational cravings
  • Her mission to help you better align with yourself on a physical and spiritual level by having FUN in the kitchen
  • How the energy you bring to your food affects how you digest it
  • Removing the blocks between you and eating well and how easy it is to be healthy


Hannah McKitrick founded My Intuitive Health as a space of pure integration of lightness. She combines her background as a transformational life coach and wellness expert to create experiences that feed mind, body, and soul, including online cooking programs and culinary and wellness retreats in Italy and beyond. Hannah attended culinary school in southern Italy where she got a taste of how sweet life can actually be. She furthered her passion for the mind-body connection at the Academy of Healing Nutrition where she obtained her holistic nutritionist certification. 



“Your intuition is heightened when you’re more in touch with your body and you’re more in touch with your body when you’re physically nurturing it and listening to it.” ~Hannah McKitrick


To learn more about Hannah you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on FacebookInstagram, or Youtube.

Hannah McKitrick’s Show Notes


Hannah will be one of our guest speakers at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, November 2-4. She will be speaking about Cooking As Your Next Business Strategy. Ignite is the transformative event where women entrepreneurs gather to amplify their voices, unleash their visions, and elevate their visibility. It’s the ultimate opportunity to ignite your wild success, build a thriving business with more time abundance, and connect with a supportive community of extraordinary women. Get Your tickets now!

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