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Gina Raposa Johnson – The Give Back Entrepreneur — Episode 212

Gina Raposa Johnson – The Give Back Entrepreneur — Episode 212

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Gina Raposa Johnson, an extraordinary woman who heard the call to give back from a very early age, and carries it into her legacy today.

In this episode:

  • Gina walks us through the Christmas memory that solidified her desire to give back, letting the secret out and involving her family towards the same purpose.
  • The magic of the yellow bin, the dignified experience of Dorothy’s community closet, Courageous Smile Org., and her daughter’s initiative in bringing the Purse Project to life.
  • She discusses her coaching business and explains why the happiest CEOs are the most successful CEOs.
  • Gina paints the picture of her legacy and how she desires to see a world experience a ripple effect from her kindness.

Gina is a Holistic Business Coach, Mentor, Marketing Guru, and Reiki Master, guiding her clients through powerful proven marketing, branding, and business strategies. She is an accomplished Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and Retreat Leader. The members of her exclusive community of entrepreneurs have coined her, “The Connector.” As an Entrepreneurial Business Consultant, and Business Mentor she connects ‘people to people.’ Gina specializes in working with entrepreneurs and start-ups to develop strategies for acquiring new business, establishing their niche, and creating signature offerings and packages. She understands that it takes the right business strategies to build momentum which leads to success.

She is passionate about empowering others to excel and thrive in their personal and professional lives. She brings enthusiasm and magnetism to every project, inspiring business owners to open up to their true potential.

Gina sits on the Board of Directors for Caritas Smile. She travels abroad with the non-profit organization to help rebuild villages in remote areas while helping to create life-changing moments for people. She is the VP of Operations for Cloud 9 Online, a digital health and wellness company specializing in Medical Grade Meditations. She is on the leadership team for eWomen International.

“I realized, look how happy it’s making my children to give back. How about if I invite another family to this project with me? That’s when I truly embraced the impact we could have. We can do so much more, together.” – Gina Johnson

You’re going to love Gina – let’s meet Gina Johnson

You can learn more about Gina on her website. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Gina Raposa Johnson Show Notes

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