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Eva Jannotta, Founder of Medusa Media Group, Thought Leadership Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs – Episode 275

Eva Jannotta, Founder of Medusa Media Group, Thought Leadership Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs – Episode 275

Today I am delighted to introduce Eva Jannotta, a thought leadership advisor, trainer, and founder of Medusa Media Group, a thought leadership consultancy and production company that provides thought leadership advisory and implementation services to North America’s most recognized women entrepreneurs and business leaders in the women helping women economy. Their mission is to make women entrepreneurs more visible and sought after for their high-impact work. 

Eva Jannotta

In This Episode:

  • Eva shares her insights on bland and generic thought leadership and the kind of thought leadership that resonates.
  • Her personal journey to thought leadership; how coach Eleanor Beaton sparked this
  • The two most common reasons why women get stuck in their thought leadership roles, and different strategies to strengthen your thought leadership
  • The importance of trusting and listening to your own ideas
  • Why story monopolies are detrimental, and her mission to spread different stories about what success looks like and how long it lasts in the world.
  • The advantage of social media monogamy for women thought leaders
  • The zone of joy vs. the zone of genius
  • Discovering where your most creative energy resides
  • How her incredible virtual roundtable conversations came about and how they have impacted her business.

Eva Jannotta helps women defy the status quo, amplify their influence, and expand their wealth and power through thought leadership strategy, advisory, and marketing. Clients have included women entrepreneur’s mentor Ali Brown, disruptive leadership consultant Charlene Li, diversity and inclusion advisor Stacey Gordon, and more. Her Big Audacious Goal is to end gender and racial discrimination. Eva grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her partner. Learn more at

“I often talk about thought leadership being a process, an evolution, a journey that never stops.” ~ Eva Jannotta

To learn more about Iman and her work you can visit her website, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Let’s Meet Eva Jannotta

Eva Jannotta Show Notes

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