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Dr. Kelly Schuh, Empowering Women to Unlock Their Full Potential For Abundance, Episode 294

Dr. Kelly Schuh, Empowering Women to Unlock Their Full Potential For Abundance, Episode 294

Today I am thrilled to have Dr. Kelly Schuh join us on Extraordinary Women Radio. She is a dynamic “Worth & Wealth Alchemist” who is transforming the lives of female entrepreneurs around the globe. With a background in chiropractic and an innate ability to sense energy, she combines human design, energy work, and intuitive guidance to help her clients build businesses that align with their unique gifts. A believer in the power of feminine energies like intuition and collaboration, she encourages women to redefine success on their own terms and create their own version of wealth.


In This Episode:

  • Dr. Kelly talks about why female entrepreneurs struggle with both money and self-worth
  • How she helps women align with their gifts and turn them into gold
  • Why Meditation and Human Design are important cornerstones of her practice
  • The concept of building a House of Abundance and how she helps her clients achieve it
  • The root of the great awakening that is happening globally


Dr. Kelly Schuh’s expertise in energy medicine and Human Design for Prosperity empowers women to align with their unique abilities and claim their self-worth, unlocking their full potential for abundance. She’s an Amazon Bestselling Author, International Keynote Speaker, and Yahoo! Finance Top Biz Coach in 2021. Dr. Kelly is passionate about igniting a Women’s Worth Worldwide movement that’s all about turning your gifts into gold.




“The gifts are already there, we just need to uncover them and remind them of how powerful they are.”~Dr. Kelly Schuh


To learn more about Kelly, you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Dr. Kelly Schuh

Dr. Kelly Schuh Show Notes

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