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Dena Patton, Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success: The Power of Mindset, Self-Care, and Values in Business Growth, Episode 323

Dena Patton, Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success: The Power of Mindset, Self-Care, and Values in Business Growth, Episode 323

I’m thrilled to introduce today’s guest, Dena Patton. With over 20 years of experience, Dena is a renowned business coach and speaker from New York City. She founded Dena Patton Coaching & Training Company and is the mind behind the influential Greatness Methodology. Dena’s 3-Pillar approach focuses on systems, strategy, and mindset, helping her clients build not just companies but legacies. With features in over 60 media stories, Dena is a recognized expert in her field.


In This Episode:

  • Dive into Dena’s incredible personal transformation and see how it relates to your journey in entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how leading with your values, faith, and a sense of purpose can supercharge both your personal and business life.
  • Discover why mindset work is the secret sauce for success in entrepreneurship.
  • Find out how embracing a greatness mindset can have a positive impact on your personal and professional life.
  • Understand the key differences between having an entrepreneur mindset and a CEO mindset – it’s a game-changer.
  • Uncover why focusing on a successful business is far more valuable than getting caught up in the Instagram influencer frenzy.


Dena Patton is an elite business coach and transformational speaker who has worked with thousands of purpose-driven business owners and world-changing leaders around the globe. Dena helps her clients to become great leaders who are building great companies. She has worked one-on-one with 1000+ clients just like you: Forward-thinking, purposeful entrepreneurs & CEOs who are vested in their values, impact, income, and results. They run companies typically between $500k-$50M+.


“It’s so important every single day to get grounded in that greatness voice and listening that you’re gonna live and lead from your greatness.” ~Dena Patton


To learn more about Dena, you can visit her website, you can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Dena Patton’s Show Notes

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