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Cynthia Farrell – Building Legacy Leaders, Teams and Cultures – Episode 169

Cynthia Farrell – Building Legacy Leaders, Teams and Cultures – Episode 169

Cynthia FarrellToday on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to one of my extraordinary clients, Cynthia Farrell – who is helping build legacy leaders, teams and cultures.

Cynthia Farrell believes that the legacy you leave at a
company is just as important as what you accomplish while
you’re there. She developed this perspective while on her
own leadership journey, building a leadership style that
balances strategy, authenticity, pragmatism, and

In this Episode:

  • How she grew a six-figure business in the first year of her business and in the year 2020!
  • The impact of her nurtured relationships on the company’s rapid growth during this quarantine.
  • The journey and significance of being a “LEADER” and how it influenced Cynthia’s thinking on Leadership.
  • The Foundation of the Legacy Leader Program and how a Legacy Leader is defined.
  • The meaning of the phrase “Unpack your bags and lead” and how it correlates with Cynthia’s personal experience.
  • This is How We Lead: Conversations with Legacy Leaders

With experience ranging from Fortune 500 firms to PE-backed organizations, she is now the owner and principle of 110 West Group, a talent, leadership, and
organizational culture consulting firm.

Cynthia is an experienced speaker and a natural storyteller who openly shares her experiences, good and bad, in hopes others can take away a useful morsel. She’s been described as direct, courageous, and fierce; funny, empathetic, and “one smart cookie.” As a certified yoga teacher, she’s even been known to throw in a touch of yoga philosophy when it comes to leadership.

“I’ll give them the three questions to determine if it’s something that you would say. And those questions are: Is it True? Is it Kind? Is it Necessary?” –Cynthia Farrell

Discover more about Cynthia’s works and passion on her website: 110 West Group. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Cynthia Farrell!

Cynthia Farrell Show Notes

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