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Cindy Constable – Digital Nomad Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Results Global Impact Consulting Agency Helping Leaders Break the Mold — Episode 223

Cindy Constable – Digital Nomad Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Results Global Impact Consulting Agency Helping Leaders Break the Mold — Episode 223

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Cindy Constable, a digital nomad entrepreneur traveling the world while running the Results Global Impact Consulting Agency she co-founded. She is helping leaders break the mold!

In this interview:

  • Cindy recalls a heartwarming and awakening story that made her decide to leave everything behind and experience the greatness of the world while she and her husband are still young.
  • She paints the picture of savoring what each nation has to offer regarding culture or food without having to rush the experience.
  • Listen on how Cindy integrates the lean yet profitable business she has into her personal life and how she revolutionizes PR for marginalized voices.
  • Breaking the mold of stereotypical personas by unmuting one’s voice and rising up to the persona you are brought into this world to live.
  • Join Cindy as she reminisces the days where she would devour book after book and later understanding the significance of words in people’s lives.
  • Understanding the “myth of entrepreneurship,” knowing the central aspect that makes a business, and learning the lessons Cindy learned as an entrepreneur.

Cindy Constable is in the business of helping leaders break the mold. Cindy brings traditional business practices that help entrepreneurs and high-level leaders not just make money but build a business that scales. She is the co-founder of Results Global Impact Consulting Agency, a boutique global digital marketing consulting firm, founded in 2011, designed to help leaders create a highly engaged customer base by utilizing the right types of digital marketing and strategies to fully engage the marketplace.

Her agency work takes her to 15+ countries a year for paid speaking and corporate consulting. There is also an online business division of the agency that produces courses, coaching, books, and masterclasses for entrepreneurs.

Cindy is an accomplished public speaker, including having given a TedX talk. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has worked in the finance sector for the past 20+ years. She served as the Director of Budget & Legislative Affairs for the City of Ocala.

She has worked in and with entrepreneurs and organizations such as Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, City of Ocala, Regions Bank, Sumter County Board of County Commissioners, Florida Government Finance Officers Association, and Absolute Law Group.

“When you are not able to be who you are put on this planet to be, that slowly chips away at your soul and who you are as a human.” – Cindy Constable

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