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Christine Laria, Living and Loving Your Truth, Episode 307

Christine Laria, Living and Loving Your Truth, Episode 307

Today you are in for a treat as we bring back the extraordinary Christine Laria. She is a true master teacher of the mind and heart. Her powerful sound transmissions, masterclasses, and sessions have brought lasting and life-changing transformations to clients around the globe. Her energy lights up the souls of all the people she works with. She loves working with people who are passionate about leading others. Her crystal bowls deepen a sense of connection and peace for anyone who gets the beautiful opportunity to experience her work. In her many lifetimes in this one, she has played the roles of daughter, mother, grandmother, dance teacher, university music professor, Carnegie Hall soloist, published author, nationally televised CBS Special music director, spiritual coach, energy healer, photographer, and mermaid.


In This Episode:

  • Christine talks about how living our truth is both courageous and easy
  • The interference that gets in the way of living and loving our truth 
  • The journey that prepared her to guide people to tune in to what’s true to them and how music led her to her passion
  • How the challenges she faced in the past prepared her for the work that she does now
  • The beauty of being generous and celebratory about our limitations
  • The importance of the relationship we live inside of ourselves
  • How sound can be the easiest and fastest way to get your mind to quiet and relax


Christine Laria is a spiritual teacher, intuitive guide, and energy and sound healer who is here in service to the fully awakened enlightenment of humanity so that all beings may live as the freedom, love, power, and presence that they are. She brings over 25 years in the fields of energy medicine, consciousness, music, and spiritual guidance. Her areas of expertise include transformational teaching, catalyzation of the master within you, laser-precise insight, and life-changing energy and sound alchemy.



“It’s actually really easy to be what we are and it’s difficult to be what we’re not.” ~Christine Laria


To learn more about Christine you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn.

Christine Laria’s Show Notes


Christine is a beautiful soul-led light in our world and she will be joining us at the 9th Annual Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference on November 2-4 as a gold sponsor. Christine was a favorite at our 2021 Ignite and I am so thrilled to have her back with us.

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