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Christine Laria – Spiritual Teacher, Claire-Sensory Guide, and Sound Healer – Episode 218

Christine Laria – Spiritual Teacher, Claire-Sensory Guide, and Sound Healer – Episode 218

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Christine Laria, a spiritual teacher, claire-sensory guide, and sound healer, who will be one of our powerful speakers at the 7th Annual Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, live in Golden, Colorado November 11-13. Be sure to get your ticket to spark your wisdom connections and fire up your inspiration, as we dance through the portal into a brand new world—raising up our voices, vision, and visibility as women called to LEAD during this extraordinary time.

In this soulful interview:

  • Christine shares that there’s more to life than just learning the theories of sound and music. She discovers that in imparting her knowledge, she must also be a guide so that students can explore the amazing healing power of music.
  • She discusses the life-changing effects of sound therapy on various situations that revolve around emotions of grief or anger. She also illustrates how sound therapy has provided people with physical relief and solutions that even science is now exploring.
  • Listen to how the magic and power of sound brought mental clarity and personal empowerment to Christine that allowed her to thrive in her business.
  • You don’t want to miss hearing Christina singing her heart out as she illustrates why tones and melodies bring impact to one’s conversation and let one’s personality come out.

Christine Laria passion is guiding people to live beyond the story of their personality into the full power of their presence. She lives on the big island of Hawaii where she owns Laria Crystal Sound, a gallery of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls as well as a Conscious Life Coaching practice.

In her many lifetimes in this one, she has played the roles of daughter, mother, grandmother, dancer and dance teacher, classical soprano, university music professor, choral and orchestral conductor, Carnegie Hall soloist, author, nationally televised CBS Special music director, coach, photographer, and mermaid.

“What I discovered was that I could teach technique all day long, but what really frees the person in their craft and in their art was their self-concept.” – Christine Laria

You’re going to love Christine – let’s meet Christine Laria

Christine Laria Show Notes

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Wow, we are twins! I do almost the exact same thing with my clients and the part about the messages, yes! The sound and frequency brings information as it open the portals of intuition and to the highest source!

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