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Christie Mann, Co-Founder of UpLevel Productions: Developing Your Resiliency Muscle – Episode 280

Christie Mann, Co-Founder of UpLevel Productions: Developing Your Resiliency Muscle – Episode 280

Today I am happy to have Christie Mann return to Extraordinary Women Radio for a second time to talk about developing your resiliency muscle. Christie is a best-selling author, executive coach, learning consultant, speaker, meditation teacher, and co-founder of UpLevel Productions. UpLevel serves more than 300 organizations equipping teams to lead more purposefully and bring more humanity into the workplace. She is also faculty of Co-Active Coaching and is an expert in training cadres of internal coaches, developing coaching cultures and organizational leaders to take a coach approach. 

Christie Mann

In This Episode:

  • Christie talks about the challenges she experienced in the past couple of years, especially during the pandemic and resiliency contributed to the journey
  • Why you should let your emotion have a voice 
  • The importance of having a relationship with your business
  • Her definition of resiliency 
  • Why people do not develop their resilience muscle
  • She talks about how she teaches managers of large organizations to see people who they truly are, versus just talking only about business and the result
  • Why good leadership is grief management
  • How to cultivate resiliency in ourselves and with others
  • Why cultivating emotional leadership is important
  • Her longing for people to slow down, connect more deeply and cultivate more joy
  • Her collaboration with four different people from different social identities, different races, different genders, and different sexual orientations to create books with different emotions that are prevalent through these times

Christie Mann has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and holds a B.A. in Media Information and Technoculture. She is the creator of the best-selling emotional wellness children’s book series; The Adventures of Lil’ Sass; in awe of children’s resilience and emotional flexibility, she champions adults’ rights to have and express emotions. Learn more about her leadership development and coach training work by visiting and join the journey to learn, love, and uplevel on The UpLevel Podcast

“Resiliency is our capacity to recover quickly and effectively from setbacks and the ability to navigate with our own self-leadership.” ~Christie Mann

To learn more about Christie you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Let’s meet Christie Mann

Christie Mann Show Notes

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