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Chelle Johnson – Mental Fitness to Raise Up Your Courage and Confidence and Live Abundantly — Episode 217

Chelle Johnson – Mental Fitness to Raise Up Your Courage and Confidence and Live Abundantly — Episode 217

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to one of my extraordinary clients, Chelle Johnson, a mental fitness who is a positive mental fitness authority who helps people be their best.

Chelle is one of our speakers joining us at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference November 11-13. (You don’t want to miss this!)

In this delightful interview:

  • Shares the story of how the Camino de Santiago opened her world to new visions with its own special message.
  • Chelle enumerates the factors that allowed her business and her community to thrive despite the pandemic.
  • She illustrates the power of listening to one’s truth can change a person’s perception and beliefs that will later transform into life itself.
  • Listen to how Chelle helps address fear in her clients brought by the uncertainty of the situation and the health scare caused by the pandemic through small yet pivotal changes.

Chelle is a first-generation college graduate that grew up with limiting beliefs, fear, and dysfunction. Through faith, resilience, grit, and determination, she held executive leadership roles in Talent Acquisition and HR at Fortune 50 companies such as Comcast, Lockheed Martin, Quest Diagnostics, and Honeywell. She lived and worked in Asia, Latin America, has an MBA and speaks Spanish and English. She now helps high achievers and diverse allies amplify their awesome and have abundance in their careers and life.

Chelle is a career ally, change-maker, and positive mental fitness authority that helps people be their best. She loves helping people get crystal clear on who they are and what they want and building courage and confidence so that they can live abundantly. She is known for coaching and guiding people to listen to their inner wisdom, take risks, build their bravery, and have the courage to seek their best life.

“Finding that essence of myself so I can then help my clients find essence in who they are.” – Chelle Johnson

You’re going to love Chelle – let’s meet Chelle Johnson

Chelle Johnson Show Notes

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