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Ashley Company, Empowering Diversity and Connection through Intentional Travel Experiences, Episode 345

Ashley Company, Empowering Diversity and Connection through Intentional Travel Experiences, Episode 345

Today, we’re joined by a truly inspiring guest, Ashley Company, a visionary entrepreneur who turned her passion for travel and cultural connection into a transformative career. Ashley made a bold leap from a corporate position at a Fortune 50 company to master a foreign language and explore the globe, visiting over 100 countries. Discover how travel has shaped Ashley into the woman she is today, explore her commitment to fostering cultural understanding, and discuss what it means to travel intentionally, embedding oneself deeply within the cultures of the countries she visits.

In This Episode:

  • Discover how Ashley Company turned her passion for travel into a successful business, inspired by her transformative international experiences and solo journeys, leading her to leave a corporate career and launch her travel company.
  • Explore how international and solo travel, coupled with immersing in diverse cultures, fosters empathy, enhances adaptability, and drives personal growth, transforming travelers into more compassionate and resilient individuals.
  • Uncover the mental wellness benefits of cultural immersion in travel, highlighting the importance of authenticity and connection, particularly for people of color navigating challenges in the workplace.
  • Learn why intentional travel experiences are crucial for meaningful journeys, as they go beyond surface-level tourism to offer deeper cultural connections and personal enrichment.
  • Find out how Ashley navigated the pandemic challenges, building strong customer loyalty through empathetic policies, and achieving remarkable business growth in the post-pandemic era.


Ashley Company’s adventures led her to found the acclaimed organizations Jelani Travel and Jelani Gives, where she has spent the last decade curating cultural immersion and service trips across Africa and beyond, fostering cultural understanding and making significant social impacts. A keynote speaker and a recognized figure on the Forbes Next 1000 list, Ashley’s talks cover a wide array of topics—from the power of solo travel and women’s roles in entrepreneurship to the profound effects of cultural identity and social impact.

“Everybody wins when you can go on a trip and just fully embrace someone’s culture.” ~Ashley Company

To learn more about Ashley, you can visit her website, you can also connect with her on Instagram.

Ashley Company’s Show Notes

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