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Antonée Thomson, Empowering Midlife Women with Personal Transformation and Tailored Health Strategies, Episode 351

Antonée Thomson, Empowering Midlife Women with Personal Transformation and Tailored Health Strategies, Episode 351

Today we are continuing our Ignite Speaker Series, and I am excited to introduce you to another incredible speaker and my dear client, Antonée Thomson. She shares what sparked her passion for health and wellness from a very young age, her personal wellness journey that inspired the launch of Lyrical Rise, and why she focuses specifically on women’s health in midlife. Antonée also discusses why much of the mainstream health advice can be dangerous for women in midlife, and you’ll leave with some of her best wisdom to level up your own wellness.

In This Episode:

  • Discover Antonée’s inspiring path from overcoming a traumatic childhood health scare to becoming a leading expert in health and wellness.
  • Learn about the crucial process of shifting behaviors, beliefs, and identity, highlighting the importance of balancing mental, emotional, and physical health for lasting transformation.
  • Explore the societal stigmas surrounding menopause and the urgent need for more education and open conversations on this topic.
  • Understand how decisions made during midlife affect long-term health and well-being, and how these choices can set a positive example for future generations.
  • Examine the limitations of conventional health advice for midlife women and the necessity of customized health strategies that address individual needs.
  • Get a sneak peek into Antonée’s exciting new initiatives, including a 10-week online program and local in-person sessions, designed to empower midlife women with essential education, practical steps, and strong community support.

Antonée Thomson is an expert Health Strategist, entrepreneur, and founder of Lyrical Rise, a Women’s Wellness Company. She is a lifelong female athlete and certified Health & Life coach with a profound passion for helping women live healthy, happy, active lives. Also trained as a Forest Therapy Guide, she believes in the power of mindfulness, nature, and simply slowing down.

“Midlife is not a crisis. It’s an opportunity for profound momentum and impact.” ~Antonée Thomson

To learn more about Antonée, you can visit her website, you can also connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Antonée Thomson’s Show Notes

At the 10th Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, Antonée will be speaking about navigating the complex health challenges in midlife and taking actionable steps to change our lives so that we can truly thrive. She talks about getting our moxie back and will share insights from her three pillars of health, emphasizing the crucial role of our mind in our wellness. As women entrepreneurs, it’s essential that we take care of our bodies to be at our best game. Our health directly impacts our ability to lead, innovate, and create the businesses we envision.

Join us for an unforgettable experience at Ignite on October 24-26 in Golden, Colorado. Early bird tickets are on sale now for Ignite, and I’ll be delivering all my newest Soul+Strategy teachings for building businesses with more time prosperity and wealth prosperity.

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